[lxc-users] Unprivileged containers and reboot of base

Medhamsh V medhamsh at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 12:30:26 UTC 2014


Though this was discussed several times I could not get through this. I use
chef to provision base nodes on which I run unprivileged containers. So
everything is programmatic and I leave a script which creates and starts
containers in the base node. I use ubuntu-14.04 ami in Amazon.

Right after provisioning I cant start the containers unless I reboot the
machine. The work around for this is to do the following in the sequence
and after which I can start the containers.

"sudo cgm create all goatos && sudo cgm chown all user $(id -u user) $(id
-g user)"

and then as the unprivileged user,

cgm movepid all user $$ > /dev/null 2>&1

Though this solves the problem, upon starting every container I get the
following messages.

lxc_container: call to cgmanager_move_pid_abs_sync failed: invalid request
lxc_container: Failed to enter group /goatos/test
lxc_container: error communicating with child process

and everything else is fine. Container starts fine, gets an ip and
communicates etc.

What is the significance of those messages and how to get rid of them?


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