[lxc-users] Container Memory Monitoring

Christoph Mitasch cmitasch at thomas-krenn.com
Thu Apr 3 14:03:50 UTC 2014


I've tested the Nagios/Icinga Plugin check_lxc_memory.py.

I found out that the cgroup file memory.usage_in_bytes also takes the used page cache into account.
Also the memory.failcnt file reports a failcnt as soon as the sum of RSS and page cache memory exhausts the memory.limit_in_bytes.
Therefore the failcnt doesn't make too much sense for me at the moment.

What is the recommended way to monitor memory usage of a container?

memory.stat would give information about used page_cache, so that could be a possibility.

Any news on /proc FUSE/virtualization?

Thank you,

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