[Lxc-users] Is there any document on networking?

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I kind of understand a bit. So the guest processes are assigned to the
netns created by LXC, right?

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>> Thank you for the reply. I may be not clear in the original question.
>> For example, in KVM, the system setup a virtual network device pair in
>> host, and added on end to bridge. So when an program is using the other
>> end, its communication will be bridged to actual hardware. And KVM exposes
>> a virtual network device to the guest and links it to "the other end". And
>> in guest, it is just a normal network device.
>> But in LXC, first of all, it does not vitualize hardware. The guest is
>> just a child process of LXC. Then, how does it make the guest using "the
>> other end"? The guest is just using general socket APIs.
> If you use the default LXC setup, then most likely you're already using
> veth for networking. So you already have a pair of veth interface, one on
> the host, and the other on the guest. The host and the guest can see
> different network device since they're using different network namespace.
> In my setup, I use something like this on lxc config ("ffmpeg" is the name
> of the container):
> lxc.network.type=veth
> lxc.network.link=br0
> lxc.network.flags=up
> lxc.network.hwaddr= 00:16:3E:45:B9:78
> lxc.network.veth.pair=v-ffmpeg-0
> lxc.utsname = ffmpeg
> What it does:
> - it uses veth for network
> - the veth interface on the host side would always be named "v-ffmpeg-0",
> connected to the bridge "br0" (created separately using networking config
> in the hosts's /etc/network/interfaces)
> - the veth interface on the container/guest side is named "eth0", with MAC
> address 00:16:3E:45:B9:78
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