[Lxc-users] [lxc] [autofs nfs V4/V3] umount_autofs_indirect:279: ioctl failed: Permission denied

Ivan Fetch ifetch at du.edu
Fri Oct 14 12:54:34 UTC 2011

It runs as nobody, so after you kill the currently running one, I believe:

sudo su - # be root so you can sudo to other users
sudo -u nobody /usr/local/grossd/sbin/grossd

- Ivan

On Oct 14, 2011, at 6:49 AM, Serge E. Hallyn wrote:

> Quoting LACROIX Jean Marc (jeanmarc.lacroix at free.fr):
>> hi mailing list,
>> I am running Debian Squeeze (V6.02) container with lxc 0.7.2-1
>> I have a problem with autofs daemon on lxc container
> We know there are some problems with autofs and namespaces.  If you try
> to automount a dir in a container you get back 'too many symbolic links',
> for instance.  AFAIK noone has had the time to look into this further.
> If you are so inclined, by all means please feel free to look at the
> autofs code in more detail.
> -serge
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