[Lxc-users] LXC vs ESX

Toens Bueker toens.bueker at lists0903.nurfuerspam.neuroserve.de
Mon May 23 12:37:58 UTC 2011

Ulli Horlacher <framstag at rus.uni-stuttgart.de> wrote:

> A small network application benchmark between LXC and VMware ESX:
> ESX:
> framstag at diaspora:~: fexsend  -i unifex /tmp/2GB.tmp .
> Server/User: http://fex.uni-stuttgart.de/framstag@rus.uni-stuttgart.de
> /tmp/2GB.tmp : 2048 MB in 87 s (24105 kB/s)
> LXC:
> framstag at diaspora:~: fexsend  -i flupp /tmp/2GB.tmp .
> Server/User: http://flupp/framstag@rus.uni-stuttgart.de
> /tmp/2GB.tmp : 2048 MB in 24 s (87381 kB/s)
> The ESX host has about twice of native CPU and disk power than the LXC
> host. ESX has 10 Gb/s, LXC has 1 GB/s. Both VMs run the same software.

But that is to be expected, is it?

There is no virtual i/O layer on lxc; ESX (or is it ESXi?) probably is
not using SRIOV with that 10G NIC, etc.

But lxc won't be able to run Windows (which is the main purpose of

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