[Lxc-users] Slow response times (at least, from the LAN) to LXC containers

Michael B. Trausch mike at trausch.us
Tue Mar 16 03:59:16 UTC 2010

On 03/15/2010 05:36 PM, Daniel Lezcano wrote:
> The main difference between lxc and the other solutions like OpenVZ and
> kvm, is lxc tries to make things configurable, so you can tune the level
> of isolation of your container.
> This difference can explain why a monolithic component like OpenVZ may
> have hardcoded a specific network configuration.
> And this is the difference I am trying to understand by analyzing the
> network behavior. There is certainly something tunable in the network
> configuration for lxc or a bug in the kernel. But I have not enough clue
> to dig in a particular way. I am not trying to push back the problems
> you are facing with lxc saying the problem is coming from your
> configuration :)
> Now I think I have a better understanding of your network topology and I
> can try to setup something similar here with some virtual machines and
> look if that raises the problem.

(uugh.  Sorry again, Daniel, for the dupe.  Some stupid user behavior as 
last time, too, on my part.)

I will also try to get a series of useful packet captures; my laptop 
took a lot longer than expected to be fully functional again, so I 
wasn't able to do it today.  I would hope that it would yield some 
useful information.

I think I mentioned this earlier in the thread, but a Windows host seems 
to never start actually pinging the correct address.  I haven't figured 
out how to get a Windows (XP) host with a address to even 
be able to talk to the containers with addresses.  I 
have Windows 7 available on another machine, which I will try tomorrow.

	--- Mike

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