[Lxc-users] Network confusion

Matteo Ghezzi tenyosama at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 14:21:28 UTC 2010

I'm very new to lxc, I've switched from openvz and I'm testing my
first container.
I'm using Arch as host (, kernel, and lxc-tool
0.6.5) and I've created a container via the lxc-debian script.
I can start the container normally, I can access both the lan and the internet.
In the host I've setup the bridge like reported here --> http://lxc.teegra.net/
I've setup my hardware firewall (pfsense box) to use a secondary wan
only for the traffic generating from this container:
If I check the ip from www.whatismyipaddress.com all is working
accordingly: different IPs (1 for every wan) 1 for the container, 1
for the Arch host.
The problem arises in the lan.
If I try to ssh to the container IP i got ssh access to the Arch host instead.
Other times I can access the container:
with an ssh connection to the server, a direct acces via lxc-start not
demonized to the container, and links2 opened on a website in both the
container and the host, if i restart the openssh server in the
container i lose connection to the host, and can access the container
I tried changing the port of the openssh server in the container, but
the problem is the same: i got connection refused from the host.

All suggestions are welcomed.

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