[Lxc-users] [lxc-devel] Request for inclusion into mainline LXC utils

Suno Ano suno.ano at sunoano.org
Mon Jan 25 09:19:41 UTC 2010

Mike> I don't want to start a flame war but, honestly, I feel that one
Mike> follows the other. I have used Debian (vanilla, Knoppix, and
Mike> Ubuntu) and even spun a custom distro based on Knoppix and I am
Mike> not at all surprised that, if you are with Debian, you find
Mike> bridges annoying. I would too.

Bridges itself work flawlessly with Debian and I have used them quite
often. If mandatory then I will do so in the future too.

It is the fact that I do not want to add another piece to the stack if
in fact I do not have to -- I do not want to take care of a bridge,
maintain, monitor, etc. it, if networking also works excellent without
using yet another layer of indirection in my networking stack. Therefore
I will use macvlan. Simplicity is key ...

says that in fact all the benefits of bridges will be available with
with macvlan in .33 as well. So not using a bridge makes sense since I
do not need one for any kind of setup I will need to do

 - containers having public IP, talking to Internet
 - containers having private IP, talking to other containers on the host
 - containers having private IP, talking to host
 - arbitrary mixture of the above

This is simple and straight forward and I am going to adapt my

 - packet_filter http://github.com/sunoano/bash as well as
 - generic.sh, used by packet_filter
 - and probably vzbulk

for all kinds of routing and firewalling I need. Setting things up is
simple as well

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