[Lxc-users] Can not start containers using latest tools from the git

Daniel Lezcano daniel.lezcano at free.fr
Fri Jan 22 07:58:39 UTC 2010

John Drescher wrote:
>> Do you mind to test the patch in attachment ?
> Same problem.
> localhost ~ # lxc-start  -n guest_1
> lxc-start: Invalid argument - failed to umount '/lxc-oldrootfs-fsBvCO/dev/shm'
> lxc-start: failed to pivot_root to '/lxc/guest_1'
> lxc-start: failed to set rootfs for 'guest_1'
> lxc-start: failed to setup the container
Gah ! ok, the last request : can you launch the container with the 
following command line ?

    lxc-start -n guest_1 -l DEBUG -o $(tty) 

and give the output.

Is it possible the /dev/shm was mounted at the boot time on the initrd 
disk ?

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