[Lxc-users] procfs and cpu masking.

atp Andrew.Phillips at lmax.com
Tue Feb 23 10:26:49 UTC 2010


 Apologies for the delay - I've just got to looking at the procfs

> It's for the moment very experimental, it's a prototype:
> http://lxc.sourceforge.net/download/procfs/procfs.tar.gz
> IMO, the code is easy to follow.
> The fuse in mounted in the container but the code expect to share the 
> rootfs.

  It needs access to /dev/fuse, and the group mounted. One side effect
seems to be that if no memory limits are set you'll get the default 
setting for memory.limit_in_bytes rather than the amount of ram in the
system in /proc/meminfo. 
  I can easily fix that, and implement some other files like cpuinfo. 
Before I dive in however;

  In the readme you mention;
"This code is *not* intended to be integrated to lxc, at least under
this form, fuse is too heavy and forks too much, for this reason a
single daemon on the host is better."
  Would you mind expanding on that? Do you have something specific in
mind? The current way of mounting fuse somewhere else (/tmp/dir) and 
doing a bind mount of /tmp/dir back over /proc seems a little clumsy. 

  If there's a better way, either a daemon on the host, or a kernel
module, I'll happily start down that road given a couple of hints. 


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