[Lxc-users] Networking issues with LXC

Michael B. Trausch mike at trausch.us
Wed Feb 10 09:23:47 UTC 2010


I am running LXC version 0.6.5, with kernel  I am having some 
pretty significant troubles getting networking to reliably work with the 
containers.  That is to say, the host name is doing just fine, and 
answers network requests all the time.  However, the containers 
sometimes fail to respond to network for requests for several seconds 
and several connection attempts.  This isn't a problem in that it's 
rejecting connections on the ports specifically; it's as if there is no 
machine on my network with the IP address assigned to the container, 
until it comes alive again and answers the network.

If I work with a container after getting a connection, I can reach that 
container for several minutes (usually---sometimes it will cut off a 
connection, though, and then it is again as if that IP address doesn't 
exist on my network).

I'm out of options as far as getting this working:  This network 
configuration works with containers under OpenVZ or full virtual 
machines in KVM, where the virtualized network cards are attached to the 
bridge.  The IP configuration is handed out by DHCP, (except for my 
public IP addresses, which are manually assigned) and the IP addresses, 
netmasks, default routes, gateways, broadcast addresses, and so forth 
are all correct.  Nonetheless, the networking is *extremely* unreliable.

I don't know how to provide additional information to attempt to work 
through a problem like this; any guidance in this area would be greatly 


	--- Mike

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