[Lxc-users] Kernel 2.6.33-rc6, 3 bugs container specific.

Jean-Marc Pigeon jmp at safe.ca
Wed Feb 3 15:48:10 UTC 2010


> > 
> > The prink keeps writing in the global ring buffer and the syslog(2)
> > writes to the "namespaced" ring buffer.
> > 
> > Does it makes sense ?
> Yeah, it's a nice alternative.  Though (1) there is something to be said for
> forcing a new ring buffer upon clone(CLONE_NEWUSER), and (2) assuming the
> new ring buffer is pointed to from nsproxy, it might be frowned upon to do
> an unshare/clone action in yet another way.
> I still think our first concern should be safety, and that we should consider
> just adding 'struct syslog_struct' to nsproxy, and making that NULL on a
> clone(CLONE_NEWUSER).  any sys_syslog() or /proc/kmsg access returns -EINVAL
> after that.  Then we can discuss whether and how to target printks to
> namespaces, and whether duplicates should be sent to parent namespaces.
	/proc/kmsg=-EINVAL  will resolve the own HOST: ring buffer corruption
	not sure what sys_syslog()=-EINVAL mean???, rsyslog MUST be able to
	run within CONT: right?

	printk namespaces duplicate and sent to parent namespace
	is not a good idea (duplicating&forwarding is done by tools as rsyslogd).
> After we start getting flexible with syslog, the next request will be for
> audit flexibility.  I don't even know how our netlink support suffices for
> that right now.
> (So, this all does turn into a big deal...)
> -serge
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