[lxc-devel] Questions related to limit CPU priority

Oliver Schad oliver.schad at automatic-server.com
Wed Sep 25 00:15:20 UTC 2019

Hi everybody,

I'm wondering, what the limit CPU priority should do: I see, that it
changes the container's cgroup "cpu.shares". However the base value of
cpu.shares is 1024, which is decreased by "10 - CPU priority"

So the minimum value of cgroup's CPU shares is 1014 with a LXC CPU
priority of "0". Because the weights for CPU time is relative to that
CPU share value, the CPU time of a container with the lowest priority
value 0 will only get 1% more CPU time in a concurrent load situation
compared to a default priority container - I guess most users wouldn't
expect that.

Do I overlook something?

I feature requests, which also include the above topic was opened by
Denis, https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues/6231 - but because the issue
is more general, I would like to bring this specific topic here.

Best Regards

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