[lxc-devel] ASUSTOR LinuxCenter : Problem With acessing specific Port from outside my LAN

Alexandre Adam rezzalex at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 14:55:23 UTC 2019


Thanks for your app on my Asustor NAS.

I need to acess web pages hosted inside my linux container.
I suceed to specify a fixed Mac adress in the containter, to that my Rooter
can assign a constant and fixed local IP at every start of the container or
the NAS,
Than I open specific ports on my rooter, redirecting it to the container
Fixed local IP.
thta does not work,

Can you detail me how to do that ?

A precision : my question is NOT about the embedded VNC client and the
remote Desktop, but direct WEb access,

thanks a lot for your help


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