[lxc-devel] OpenSSH support in Busybox containers

Purcareata Bogdan b43198 at freescale.com
Tue Apr 21 10:56:30 UTC 2015


Currently the Busybox container template looks for the dropbear (lightweight SSH 
utilities package) binary in the host, and copies it in the container rootfs by 
default in order to provide SSH support in the Busybox container.

I would like to do the same thing, but using OpenSSH instead of Dropbear. 
Meaning that I would like to add this feature to the Busybox template, to look 
for the OpenSSH binaries on the host and copy them in the container rootfs, with 
the additional setup of the configuration files (sshd_config, authorized_keys, 
etc.). I've found some inspiration regarding what's required in the lxc-sshd 
template, altough there are some differences there - mainly there's no separate 
rootfs built, instead there are some bind mounts from the host rootfs.

I was wondering if adding OpenSSH support would make sense for the upstream 
Busybox container template? And how should I go about it - first try to add 
Dropbear, and if it's not available on host, try for OpenSSH? Should SSH support 
even be a default feature of the Busybox container, or should there be a flag to 
add it, and perhaps, which package - Dropbear or SSH?

Bogdan P.

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