[lxc-devel] Re-organization of the Ubuntu PPAs for LXC, LXD, LXCFS and CGManager

St├ęphane Graber stgraber at ubuntu.com
Sun Apr 5 03:01:01 UTC 2015


As many of you know, on top of maintaining LXC, LXD, LXCFS and CGManager
up to date in the current development release of Ubuntu as well as in
its stable and long-term releases, we've also been maintaining a set of
PPAs on Launchpad to make it easier for people to test the current
development release of LXC or to use the latest stable release of LXC on
an older version of Ubuntu.

Now with things growing and us adding more projects to the mix (LXD and
LXCFS recently), we're running into problems offering all the various
versions people request while maintaining the current PPA structure.

That's why I've gone through exactly what branches and releases we have
for every linuxcontainers.org project and re-thought the PPA
organization to provide builds for each of those as well as a set of
generic PPAs containing everything users would expect. That should best
fit the need of LXC developers, power users and people running LXC in

As a result, the expected new list of PPAs for the ~ubuntu-lxc account
on Launchpad will be:

 * cgmanager
   - cgmanager-git-master
   - cgmanager-stable
 * lxc
   - lxc-git-master
   - lxc-git-stable-1.0
   - lxc-git-stable.1.1
   - lxc-stable
   - lxc-lts
 * lxd
   - lxd-git-master
   - lxd-stable
 * lxcfs
   - lxcfs-git-master
   - lxcfs-stable
 * generic
   - daily (cgmanager-git-master + lxc-git-master + lxd-git-master + lxcfs-git-master)
   - stable (cgmanager-stable + lxc-stable + lxd-stable + lxcfs-stable)
   - lts (cgmanager-stable + lxc-lts)

I realize this is a very long list, moving from our current set of 4 PPAs.
But this will nicely cover every single branch we have, as well as
stable releases people care about.

I expect most users will stick to one of the generic PPAs. The project
specific ones are mostly aimed at developers wanting to test a
particular branch.

As always, we'll be producing builds for all supported Ubuntu releases.
The plan is to also expand to armel, armhf and arm64 builds as those can
be enabled for PPAs. powerpc and ppc64el will only be available in
Ubuntu proper at this point.

As for transition. The daily and stable PPAs will be re-purposed. But
since the new definition is extremely close to the current one, I don't
expect any major change there.

The current daily-1.0 PPA will disappear and be replaced by
lxc-git-stable-1.0. Same will happen to lxd-daily which will be replaced
by lxd-git-master. Unfortunately existing users of those (hopefully not
many) will have to manually change their repository configuration for

All of those PPAs will be automated to automatically track the various
branches and Ubuntu packages and update themselves when needed so that
while we're adding a ton of them, the clearer definition means no more
human interaction will be required except for fixing the occasional
packaging/build breakage.

Let me know if you have any question, concerns or can think of something
that's not covered with those new PPAs.

My plan is to start implementation of those this week.

St├ęphane Graber
Ubuntu developer
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