[lxc-devel] lxc-0.7.4 released

Daniel Lezcano daniel.lezcano at free.fr
Sat Feb 26 09:45:00 UTC 2011


lxc-0.7.4 is released.

Thanks all for your contributions !


  * Bug fixes / improvements
  * make compatible with the clone_children cgroup flag
  * maverick and natty templates
  * fixed regression from lxc-0.7.3 regarding the mount points


Amit Uttamchandani (1):
       Fixed a small typo in lxc-debian template

Cedric Le Goater (1):
       take into account new configure option --with-linuxdir

Clement Calmels (1):
       generate setns syscall number

Daniel Baumann (6):
       Setting default suite to squeeze in debian template.
       Setting default mirror to cdn.debian.net in debian template.
       Creating missing tty device nodes for squeeze in debian template.
       Disabling unneeded checkroot.sh initscript in debian template.
       Correcting include argument when calling debootstrap.
       Correcting charset argument when calling locale-gen.

Daniel Lezcano (29):
       remove duplicate cgroup header
       Remove unused nscgroup field
       Change nscgroup interface
       encapsulate the ns_cgroup
       Move common code to lxc_cgroup_create
       use clone_children cgroup's flag
       Duplicate lxc-debian to lxc-lenny
       fix the ns_cgroup vs clone_children
       fix cgroup directory removal
       set function static
       mindless changes to conform indentation
       encapsulate mount point code
       substitute the absolute rootfs mount path
       fix busybox inittab template
       add missing template in Makefile
       fix clone_children path
       add lxc-lenny template
       set veth host's side always up
       suppress udev log output
       export env variable in lxc_start
       Fix paths in the lxc-busybox template
       lxc-attach gives a better error message
       lxc-start can output the console to a file
       fix empty network configuration
       fix broadcast compution
       update configuration wrt to the broadcast address
       Simplify broadcast computation

David Ward (1):
       Only bring up network interface if IFF_UP is set

Jan Niehusmann (1):
       Update file capa detection for kernels >=2.6.37

Joerg Gollnick (1):
       Fix mntflags initialization

Michael Tokarev (1):
       Make mount paths relative to rootfs

Reto Gantenbein (1):
       Adds correct file capa detection for >2.6.32 The kernel compile 
parameter was removed with kernel release 2.6.33 Since then file 
capabilities are enabled by default kernel commit: 

Rob Landley (1):
       fix lxc-checkpoint and lxc-restart sgml labels

Serge Hallyn (1):
       Update ubuntu templates

Sergey S. Kostyliov (1):
       add support for dirsync mount option

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