[lxc-devel] Two process on a same namespcae with clone()

Maheswara Reddy C - ERS, HCL Tech maheswarareddyc at hcl.com
Thu Feb 17 06:48:04 UTC 2011


Fine,fork() always create new process, but here both the processes are different stacks.
If I use foek(), it will run the same instance of ABC_stack ,rather XYZ_stack.
Shall we call the clone() with out  CLONE_NEW* flags, so that it will run in the same name space.
See the below scenario, multiple namespaces each namespace has to run two different processes.


 Ns1=Clone(CLONE_NEWNS)  ----> process1 (ABC_Stack)
.                     ---------->Process2 (XYZ_stack)

 Ns2=Clone(CLONE_NEWNS)  ----> process1 (ABC_Stack)
.                     ---------->Process2 (XYZ_stack)



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On 02/16/2011 01:25 AM, Maheswara Reddy C - ERS, HCL Tech wrote:
> Hi,
> Could someone help me out,
> I want to run the two process on same name space, shall it possible
> using the clone()

You call clone with the CLONE_NEW* flags to create a new namespace.  And
then you just fork() normally (without those flags) to create additional
processes in that same namespace.

It's a bit like chroot: you do something extra to get in it, and then
children inherit that environment by default.


P.S. Fix your hilarious legalese .sig.


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